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  We are a small company which offer live American native plants for sale. The plants we offer do well in full shade, or near full shade as this is their native habitat. All of these plants are perennials and will live for many years. An acidic cool woods, or the north side of a house in moist, but well drained soil provide a desired location for planting.

     Most of the plants (sold as bare roots, bulbs, or rhizomes) are flowering, medicinal herbs which have been used for generations for their medical properties. Some of these are scarce in certain areas of the United States, but most are locally plentiful in our area, in suitable locations. We raise many of these in beds in the woods, and some are collected responsibly (by collecting only from dense populations and leaving most for propagation, as well as replanting the seed) from the wild. We encourage you to help preserve and replenish our native plants, by replanting seeds or dividing roots and replanting in proper habitat in your area.

     These plants need at least 70% shade for optimal results, with the exception of  black cohosh, mayapple, and jack-in-the-pulpit which can tolerate more sun, but they still do well in full shade. The soil should be well drained, but moist, with lots of organic matter. The ph should be below 7 between 5.5 and 6.5 would be ideal. Woods plantings should have adequate organic matter,  other locations such as in your yard, would benefit from mixing leaves, or rotted leaves in with your soil, and maybe an addition of sulfur to lower ph. These medicinal plants do best in cool locations, in yard plantings with some sun, plant if possible so the sun they do receive is in the cool part of the day, usually early morning.

     Most of these plants grow naturally from Canada, southward to the Georgia mountains, and from the east coast to the Mississippi River,  however some are native west of the Mississippi also. In the western states of the north they should do well also if adequate rainfall is available, or artificial watering is done.

     We do not sell seeds, (except for ginseng) and ship only bare roots or bulbs during the months of September 1st thru December 31st. This is the plants dormant period, they should be replanted in your desired location as soon as possible. All roots or bulbs are of flowering size and age (except ginseng), and nearly all will flower their first year. The ferns do not flower or produce seeds regardless of age. All plants are guaranteed to live, or we will replace or refund your money. Complete growing instructions are included with each order.


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Plant Descriptions

American Ginseng- Panax quinquefolium- Widely cultivated in the United States, but is probably the most difficult to grow of anything we offer. Most cultivated ginseng is grown under artificial shade and harvested in 4 years. Woods cultivated is less common and time to  harvest is longer, 5-8 years, but there is less expense and disease. First year plants are 2-5 inches high and mature plants are 1-2 feet tall. Ginseng flowers in May-June and its flowers are followed by red berries during its third year and later. American ginseng has been used in medicine for hundreds of years. Ginsengs natural range is from Canada to Georgia's mountains, westward to Oklahoma. Ginseng likes a moist but well drained soil, rainfall must run off quickly. Plant roots 2-3 inches deep and mulch with 2-3 inches of leaves, straw, small wood chips, etc. Ginseng needs 100% to 60% shade to do well, with about 75% being best for optimal growth and seeds.

Black Cohosh- Cimicifuga racemosa- A large plant growing from 2-3 feet with flower spikes at 5-7 feet high. Black cohosh can tolerate more sun than most plants we offer, doing well in 100% to 50% shade and best at about 65% shade, it can be used to shade some smaller plants if needed. Black cohosh is widely used in medicine and grows in the wild from Canada to Georgia, westward to Arkansas, in rich woods. Plant the large roots 2-4 inches deep and mulch.

Bloodroot-Sanguinaria candensis- Grows 6 inches to 12 inches high, and frequently grows in bunches with succulent leaves. Roots are blood-red colored when broken. Bloodroot's flowers are white and bloom between March-May, bloodroot prefers rich moist woods from Canada to Florida, west to Texas. Bloodroot is used in medicine mainly externally and in some commercial toothpaste and mouth wash products. Bloodroot likes from 100% to 60% shade doing best with about 70% shade. Plant 2 inches deep and mulch lightly, has pretty foliage when not in bloom.

Blue Cohosh- Caulophyllum thalictoides- Blue cohosh  has smooth stems and leaves often covered with a bluish film. It's flowers are greenish yellow and are followed by inedible blueberry like fruit. This perennial grows from 18 inches to 2 feet tall in moist rich woods, it likes 100% to 70% shade with 80% being ideal. Blue cohosh is used in medicine much the same as black cohosh, and grows naturally in moist woods form Canada to South Carolina, westward to Arkansas. Plant blue cohosh 2-3 inches deep in a cool moist location and mulch.

Celadine Poppy or Wood Poppy- Stylophorum diphyllum- A medium sized plant 12-20 inches tall with bright yellow flowers and attractive foliage. Likes 100%-60% shade and a moist rich soil. It is native from Pennsylvania to Tennessee. Plant 2-3 inches deep and mulch

Christmas Fern- Polystichum acrostichoides- An evergreen fern with shiny leaves standing 1-2 feet high. We ship this plant with most of its leaves attached, our other plants are shipped as bare roots. This fern needs 100% to 65% shade and its natural range is from Canada to Florida, west to Texas. A good fern to plant next to your house if there is enough shade, it is capable of withstanding cold temperatures to Canada. Plant covering top of root and mulch.

Crested Dwarf Iris -Iris cristata- A small plant 4-6 inches tall, but has large showy flowers which are bluish with yellow and white. Likes moist rich hillsides, shade 100%-70%, blooms in May. Native, Maryland to Mississippi. Plant 1-2 inches deep and mulch lightly

False Solomon's-Seal- Smilacina racemosa- Similar to Solomon's-Seal, but not quite as delicate and its flowers are at the end of the stem, instead of hanging along the stem. False Solomon's-Seal likes a moist soil but can take more sun than the true variety. It grows from Canada to Georgia. Plant 2 inches deep and mulch.

Goldenseal- Hydrastis canadensis- This perennial plant is also grown commercially like ginseng, in the woods and under artificial shade. Goldenseal has been used for generations in medicine and is widely used today. Goldenseal grows about a foot tall with one or two leaves per plant, and flowers April-May, with a scarlet raspberry like berry cluster forming in the fork of the leaves. It's root is yellow when fresh and should be planted 2 inches deep and lightly mulched. Goldenseal needs 100% to 60% shade with 70% being best, it grows naturally in woods ranging from Vermont to Georgia, westward to Arkansas.

Jack-in the Pulpit- Arisaema triphyllum- This unusual perennial has 1-2 leaves and a cuplike flower with a curving flap, the color being green, purple or striped, blooming April-May and has a scarlet seed ball following. Jack-in-the-Pulpit grows in moist woods 1-2 feet high with 100%  to 55% shade. It's natural range being, Canada to Florida, westward to Texas. The round root should be planted 3 inches deep and mulched.

Maidenhair Fern- Adiantum pedatum- A delicate perennial fern growing about 2 feet tall with a horseshoe shaped frond on-top shiny black stems. This plant is used in medicine and was used by American Indians as a hair wash to make their hair shiny. It's wild range is in rich woods from Maine to Georgia west to Oklahoma. Maidenhair Fern likes 100% to 65% shade with 75% being best. Plant the roots 2 inches deep and mulch.

Mayapple- Podophyllum peltatum- Perennial growing 1-2 feet high in moist woods and clearings, can grow in 100% shade to 50% shade, does best with 70% shade. Umbrella-like leaves that are waxy emerge in early April, and a white flower follows, April-May. An egg-shaped edible fruit occurs after flowering. Mayapple is used in medicine. Mayapple usually grows in patches in the wild and the early foliage is lush and attractive. Plant 2 inches deep in moist soil and mulch. Mayapple's wild range from Maine to Florida west to Texas.

Solomon's- Seal-Polygonatum biflorum- A graceful plant with delicate greenish bell shaped flowers which hang from arching stems. Flowers in May, it likes 10% shade - 70% shade and a rich moist woods soil. Its stems are 1-3 feet long but is usually only about a foot off the ground. Plant about an inch deep in rich woods soil. Solomon's-Seal is native Connecticut to Florida westward to Texas.

Trillium- Trillium erectum- Similar to grandiflorum below but nearly all blooms will be dark red, the blooms are also a little smaller and the plant a little larger. It likes a wetter soil and a denser shade than the other two varieties of trillium we sell. It likes 100% to 75% shade, plant in rich damp soil 3 inches deep.

Trillium- Trillium grandiflorum- Trillium has the most showy blooms of the plants we sell. Growing about a foot tall, trillium has a 2-3 inch diameter 3 petal flower in white pink or reddish colors, blooming April-May. Trillium, sometimes called bethroot also has three leaves on a single stalk. It has been used medicinally and was also used by the American Indians. Trillium likes 100%-65% shade with 75% being optimal. Plant 3 inches deep in moist rich soil, nearly all plants we sell will bloom their first spring.

Trillium- Trillium luteum- Along with Trillium grandiflorum this variety can do well in a damp soil, or a slightly drier soil. The bloom is not as showy as grandiflorum and is usually yellow, or greenish yellow. The leaves are mottled and the plant likes 100% - 65% shade, plant 3 inches deep in rich moist soil.

Twinleaf- Jeffersonia diphylla- Plant named for Thomas Jefferson. A perennial growing about a foot high in rich woods. Flowers are white occurring in April-May. Twinleaf has been used in medicine and its natural range is from New York to Tennessee. Twinleaf's leaves are distinctive, circular but divided into two separate wings. The flower is followed by an unusual seed capsule, twinleaf grows in small clumps. It likes from 100%-70% shade. The roots are fairly large for this plant which, plant about 3 inches deep and mulch.  

White Baneberry- Actaea pachypoda- Perennial 1-2 feet tall with foliage very similar to black cohosh. Baneberry does not have the long plumes like black cohosh, its white flowers are on a short stalk, which later has inedible, poisonous berries resembling doll's eyes, which is another name for this plant. It likes 100% to 70% shade and a moist rich soil. Plant 2-3 inches deep and mulch. Native, Canada to Georgia.

Wild Geranium-Geranium maculatum- Perennial 1-2 feet tall, leaves large with five segments, flowers are pink to lavender, it blooms April-May. Wild geranium is also called cranesbill due to the seed pod which forms in the center of it's flowers. It's wild range is in woods Maine to Georgia, west to Kansas. Wild geranium is used in herbal medicine, it's roots are high in tannic acid. It does well in shade from 100% to 65%, it can withstand a wetter soil than most plants but still does well in a drier soil. Plant wild geranium roots 2 inches deep and mulch lightly.

Wild Ginger- Asarum canadense- A creeping perennial about 6 inches high, can be used as ground cover. Wild ginger does well in moist areas, it likes moisture and can tolerate damp soil almost as well as wild geranium. It's leaves are heart shaped and its flowers are maroon, although small they are quite pretty, urn shaped, blooming April-May. The root is aromatic and smells like ginger, its roots were used by American Indians for medicinal purposes, and is still used somewhat today. Its range is rich woods from Canada to South Carolina, west to Okalahoma. Plant roots 1-2 inches deep and mulch.

Click here for-Pictures of Native Herb Plants We Sell

   Plants, sold as bare roots  Price 3 roots Price 10 roots Price 25 roots Price 100 roots
Ginseng roots, 1 year old          $2.50          $6.00      $12.00      $39.00
Ginseng roots, 2 year old         $3.25      $9.00      $19.00      $57.00
Black Cohosh-Large, Flowering size      $5.57      $14.97      $29.97      $99.97
Bloodroot- Large, Flowering size                   $3.57      $6.57      $12.97      $39.97
Blue Cohosh-Large Flowering size      $4.97      $12.57      $24.97      $89.97
Celandine Poppy-Large Flowering size               $4.97      $12.57      $24.97      $89.97
Christmas Fern-Large, with foliage attached      $5.57      $14.97      $29.97      $99.97
Crested Dwarf Iris-Large Flowering size              $3.57      $6.57      $12.97      $39.97
False Solomon's-Seal- Large Flowering size      $4.97      $12.97      $25.97      $89.97
Goldenseal- Large, Seed bearing                  $4.00      $10.00      $15.00      $49.00
Jack-in-the-Pulpit- Large, Flowering size             $5.57      $14.97      $29.97      $99.97
Maidenhair Fern- Large      $4.97      $12.57      $24.97      $89.97
Mayapple-Large, Flowering size                          $3.57       $6.97      $12.97      $39.97
Solomon's Seal- Large Flowering size                   $4.97       $12.57      $26.57      $89.97
Trillium erectum- Large flowering size                  $8.57       $24.77      $49.77      $159.97
Trillium grandiflorum- Large, Flowering size        $8.57       $24.77      $49.77      $159.97
Trillium luteum- Large flowering                      $8.57       $24.77      $49.77      $159.97
Twinleaf- Large, Flowering size                        $4.27       $11.77      $24.07      $79.57
White Baneberry-Large Flowering size           $4.97       $12.57      $24.97      $89.97
Wild Geranium- Large, Flowering size              $2.77      $5.97      $11.97       $35.97
Wild Ginger-Large, Flowering size      $2.77      $5.97      $11.97      $35.97



 Stratified Ginseng Seed

  Price per ounce

Price per 4 ounces Price per pound
  7000 seeds / pound  -    $11.00 $39.00 $139.00

Plant Ginseng seed one half  inch deep and mulch lightly.


Ordering Information

     We only ship plants and ginseng seed between September 1st and December 31st. Orders may be placed before September, as quantities  are limited on some items. We do not have a minimum order amount, but there is a $5.00 shipping charge on all orders. We try to ship all orders on Mondays or Tuesdays to prevent delays in shipping and can usually ship within a few days of your order. Plants are guaranteed to live or your purchase price will be refunded or your plants replaced. In previous years we accepted credit cards but we are no longer accepting credit cards in order to reduce costs. We accept personal checks, (over $40.00 may be held for clearance) and money orders, you may also pay through Paypal, our Paypal email is david@shadeflowers.com Paypal can be set up so you can pay with a credit card or debit card if desired. If you need to contact me do so through an email and I can call you if needed.

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